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Queens Realty Photo is comprised of a select group of professional Real Estate Photographers, Floor Plan Drafters and Virtual Stagers based out of Queens, New York. Hundreds of clients have chosen our team to photographthousands of listings and measure millions of square feet in Brooklyn, New York City, Queens and Long Island.  See why Queens Realty Photo is the best photographic solution for your queens apartmetn for rent, Excellent Value & Professionalism for realtors, property management companies & brokerages. Serving the Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens real estate market.


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Real Estate Photography 2017 – How to Take Better Pictures!

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Land Photography is not an extravagance. It is a need to advertise any property, loft or space. The land advertise is driven by photos of properties, posted online from around the globe. Excessively numerous individuals have the misinterpretation that they can utilize their iphone to shoot a flat and it will turn out “great”. My objective here is to give the “iphone” shooter and the expert land picture taker some essential tips and traps to help enhance their realty photography from “great” to “I need to live there”.

Proficient Real Estate Photographers –

Set away the Books and Start Shooting

Extraordinary compared to other approaches to figure out how to wind up noticeably a specialist in land photography is to think about other awesome picture takers pictures.However, you can sit and contemplate different people groups pictures throughout the day, however to truly end up plainly incredible you need to fall flat. You […]

How to Photography Interiors during the Magic Hour

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Nothing sets apart bland Real estate photo Interiors from the rest like photography of luxury interiors during Twilight. The earthy colors produced by tungsten lights, contrasted with the deep blue of the sky and the pastels of the sunset make a bold statement. A statement buyers and renters of  Elegant listings can’t help but notice.

Real estate agents, Photographers and the everyday person can benefit from the following tips on how to photograph luxury Interiors during Twilight.


There are just 30 minutes to catch the light amid the “enchantment hour”. It is more similar to “enchantment half-hour” in light of the fact that the nature of the Rembrandtesque light washes away into obscurity not long after the sun sets. Sunset photography and first light photography both offer a comparative light. Have an arrangement and execute it, generally the day will cruise you by.

2. Take […]

Top 10 Real Estate Photography Tips & Tricks

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Top Ten Real Estate Photography Tips & Tricks

When offering property, time is cash. Also, as a property is the greatest single buy you’ll make in your life, you need it to be great. Obviously, it will likewise be the biggest deal in case you’re the dealer. What’s more, you need to make as much as you can on the arrangement, so here are 10 hints to get your land postings to emerge over all the rest:

Envision yourself as the purchaser: If you wouldn’t purchase your property, why might any other person?

The best tip is persuasiveness. As a business operator, you have to love what you’re offering, so you can offer with conviction. In any case, you may just meet few forthcoming purchasers, so the property truly needs to offer itself. Once you’re in the attitude of the purchaser, you’re part path there.

Space: Maximize it in your photographs.

The […]


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  • up to 500 sq/ft


$110standard apartment
  • for bulk 10 apartment package

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55per image
  • 1 Vacant Staging when purchasing 3 stagings



I am a real estate agent and just received photographs for a new listing and they came out beautifully! The Queens Realty Photo team were excellent from scheduling and following up before the shoot to the shoot itself, the professionalism of the photographer, his interest in getting the right shot, and knowing what needed to be done to make it happen. The photos are really spectacular and I highly recommend the firm!

I used this photography service for an apartment I was trying to sell. This company had the best pricing I could find and the photographer was on time, professional and took amazing pictures. These pictures definitely helped me sell the apartment much faster than it would have had i taken the pictures myself. The pictures were amazing and given to me less than 24 hours after they were taken.
I would definitely recommend Queens Realty Photo to anyone who needs professional real estate photos.

Queens Realty Photo has been great to work with. Very flexible. Quick turnaround and great marketing photos.

Eitan, Broker