Photography Services

6 photos

$150per assignment
  • studio Package
  • 6 photographs
  • Commercial
  • Includes extra HDR processing
  • 1 hour on location

8 photos

$175per apartment
  • 1-2 bedroom Package
  • 8 Photographs
  • For Rental Units
  • Includes HDR processing
  • 30 minutes on site

12 photos

$195per hour
  • 2-3 bedroom Package
  • 12 Photographs
  • Residential Estates
  • Advanced HDR processing
  • 1.5 hours on location

15 photos

  • 3-4 bedroom Package
  • 15 photographs
  • $155/hr
  • Advanced editing
  • min 2 hours on location

20 photos

  • Home Package
  • 20 Photographs
  • $150/person
  • Advanced editing processing
  • 30 min on location

6 photos - $150

6 photographs, 30 minutes on site Our rental package is our most basic package. This package is ideal and exclusive to small to medium sized rental units only.

8 photos- $175

8 photographs, 40 min on site A one-hour engagement to capture your commercial property, business, or exterior space with one of Queens realty Photo photographers trained to highlight your space and capture it at it's best.

12 photos- $195

12 photographs, up to 45 hours on site Our 12 photography package is the best value. Providing our valued customers with 12 high definition images illustrating the finest details of homes & estates.

15 photos - $225

15 photos Queens realty photo professional photographers are experts at shooting real estate spaces large and small. Including real estate open house events, ribbon cutting ceremonies, business expos, office parties and much more.

20 photos - $255

20 photographs, up to 40 min on site Typically the 20 photo package is perfect for Realtors, and other professionals seeking how to best represent their home marketing materials.
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Do you have a Special Request for Photography? Need a full day shoot or do you have some spaces you need captured? Queens realty Photography will be happy to provide you a quote for a special assignment. Simply give us a call at 917-267-0504 or click on the button above.
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